Silver and Gold

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(Queue Burl Ives.) We at Chez Hoolia have been crafting up a storm in preparation for Christmas. Every year I say to myself that I should start earlier, and this year I actually did it! For me, the trick is to avoid knitting gifts for the most part and instead focus on crafts that adorn the tree and brighten up the house to get us in the holiday spirit. With Mr. Griffin to help I tackle a mini-project every weekend. Just something simple that is sure to turn out lovely. One weekend we make cookies with frosting, on another stockings, and on another gilded pine cones! I have become a little obsessed with pine cones. I even started a pinterest board dedicated solely to them. It’s pretty cool.

IMG_9075.jpg IMG_9084.jpg
IMG_9086.jpg IMG_9080.jpg

The Pine Cones in various stages of done-ness.

I’ve realized in the course of pinning that I like my pine cones regal, with their dignity intact. It is very unlikely that you will find me hot-gluing googly eyes on them. So gilded pine cones were right up my alley. I’ve seen tutorials for gilding pine cones on the internet, but the process is so easy you don’t really need a link. You just gather pine cones, put them in a box with lots of space in between so that you can turn them over, and spray paint them with metallic paint in the box. The in-the-box part is really the only thing to remember. It keeps things neat. If you can, do it outside. The fumes won’t make you as high and there is less chance of stenciling a box-shape on your living room floor. You can also use chopsticks left over from Chinese take-out to maneuver the pine cones around and get an even distribution of paint (you’ll need to do that several times for good coverage). It takes only about 20 minutes and the results are stunning. Plus what four-year-old doesn’t want to get in some tagging practice at an early age? It’s fun for the whole family!

Next weekend: paper garlands!