Paper Garlands!

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On the weekends, G and I have turned the dining room into a Christmas project workshop. Making the paper garlands was a lot of fun. All you need are decorative punches or “paper shapers,” multi-colored construction paper, thread, and a sewing machine. We used two circular punches, one 1 1/2″ and the other 2 1/2″. It’s nice to have some variation in size to make the garlands more interesting. You can use these two punches to make moons and to make Saturn-shaped rings, which G was quite good at. It’s a nice project for a smaller child because they can pick colors and punch the circles without help. Once you have your shapes cut, you sew them into a garland using your sewing machine. You can either stick with a single layer or sew two circles together and then fold them so that they make a 3 dimensional shape. Remember to leave long tails of thread at each end of the garland so that you can easily attach it wherever you like.

IMG_9197.jpg IMG_9208.jpg
IMG_9223.jpg IMG_9200.jpg"

The Dude in his Garland Production Factory

There are also fancier punches (and I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing mommy a few fancier punches for her stocking), but I like the simplicity of the circles. You can make garlands for any occasion – black and orange for Halloween, red and pink for Valentine’s Day, or multi-colored for birthdays, etc. They are easy and a ton of fun for the kiddies – highly recommended. If you are looking for other last-minute holiday craft ideas, you can also check out my How-to’s, Tips, and Fun Things to Make Board on Pinterest. It includes almost 300 crafty ideas – some are inspirational photos, and others are tutorials with full instructions. Enjoy!