New Directions: Crochet

New Directions: Crochet

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I’ve crocheted in fits and starts since 2006, but it wasn’t until this spring when I had an absolute itching to take a little knitting break and hook a crochet project that I decided to publish a crochet design. It was not easy. Although crochet has a huge following, it does not have the great software support that knitting does for creating charts. I personally get completely overwhelmed by written directions for crochet (or knitted lace, for that matter), so I knew that including charts was not optional for me. This meant drawing them out on the computer using a crochet font (if anyone is interested the font is Stitchin Crochet Pro by Adriprints and I cannot say enough good things about it). The results were exactly what I wanted, but hard won.

I am happy to say that the charts were the only difficult aspect of publishing Etheria, however. Crocheting it was a joy. It was so fun to hop from stitch pattern to stitch pattern and see everything flow together so nicely. Somehow the patterns felt easier to coordinate than knitting stitch patterns usually do. It was just fun. The other thing I loved about this project was that is was easy. It gives the illusion of complexity, but the only stitches used are chain, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet, so a fairly new crocheter should be able to complete the project without too much difficulty. I am especially enamored of the Picot Mesh on the outer edge. The little picots are quick to work and imitate little beads. The cowl ends up looking almost like jewelry, and the airiness of it lends it to the hot summer months ahead. Best of all, it can be worn doubled in transitional seasons, so it functions both as adornment and protection from cool breezes, depending on the season. I’m really in love with it.

I don’t know if my audience of knitters is interested in crochet, but I am going to find out. This was simply too fun of an experience not to repeat. Knit is my first love and will probably always dominate my pattern line, but I can definitely see a couple of crochet designs slipping in, especially in the warmer months, and I am contemplating some mixed media patterns as well. I’d love to get your feedback on your interest in crochet, and even more on crochet and knit used together. Please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail via my contact form to share your thoughts.

Happy Hooking! (How often do you get to say that?)


You can see more details and photos of Etheria here.