Great Missowski Equus Palettes

Great Missowski Equus Palettes

There will be a Shalimar Yarns update featuring Equus Yarn and my Great Missowski and Missowski Slouchy patterns on Wednesday, October 1 at noon EST. I’ll provide a link to the web page for the update as soon as it is available. In the meantime, I’ve been putting together palettes with some of the (60!) colors that will be featured, to give people an idea of the possibilities. Other places to go for inspiration are, from which several of these palettes were taken, and pinterest, where I have set up a board for Equus palettes.

When choosing colors, try to have a mix of “dulls” and “brights”, and use colors with varying values to create contrast. If you are stumped, a neutral – cream, brown, gray, or a natural yellow – is a good choice for the main color. When deciding which color goes where in your striping sequence, it is important to take note of which colors sit next to each other:

MC: All CC’s (Neutrals are a good fallback.)
CC1: MC only. (I like this to be a darker, duller color.)
CC2: MC and CC3. (Make sure the contrast works.)
CC3: MC and CC2. (Same.)
CC4: MC only. (I like this one to either pop or really recede.)

The ratio of stripes for the colors is 4:2:1:1:1. So you will obviously see a lot of the main color, and a fair amount of CC1, which I think of as anchoring the piece. Although it is counter-intuitive, if you really love a color and want it to stand out, use less of it (CC2, CC3, or CC4.) Have Fun!

THE ORIGINAL: Buttermilk (MC); Ore (CC1); Juniper Berry (CC2); Citrine (CC3); Glacier (CC4).

Great Missowski by Julia Trice Shalimar Colors


SPICE MARKET: Bark (MC); Damask (CC1); Land Katie Scarlett (CC2); Artful Dodger (CC3); Curry (CC4).
OR Damask (MC); Bark (CC1); Land Katie Scarlett (CC2); Artful Dodger (CC3); Curry (CC4).

Spice Market Shalimar Colors



PRETTY BIRD: Juniper Berry (MC); Chaps (CC1); Toast Points (CC2); Peachy Keen (CC3); Bark (CC4).
OR Toast Points (MC); Chaps (CC1); Bark (CC2); Peachy Keen (CC3); Juniper Berry (CC4).

design seeds Shalimar Colors


PINK PATINA DOOR: Passionfruit (MC); Bing (CC1); Glacier (CC2); Wellies (CC3); Juniper Berry (CC4).

design seeds



HUMMINGBIRD: Black Truffle (MC); Ore (CC1); Citrine (CC2); Slag (CC3); Passionfruit (CC4).

design seeds Shalimar Colors



EXOTIC WASH DAY: Wisteria (MC); Little Miss Sunshine (CC1); Land Katie Scarlett (CC2); Butterscotch (CC3); Copper Pennies (CC4).

Exotic Wash Day Shalimar Colors


ANTHRO SHEETS: Buttermilk (MC); Byzantium (CC1); Copper Pennies (CC2); Curry (CC3); Glacier (CC4).

Spice Market Shalimar Colors



RUSTIC DOORWAY: Chaps (MC); Corfu (CC1); Little Miss Sunshine (CC2); Deep Lake (CC3); Curry (CC4).

Rustic Doorway Shalimar Colors


SILVERS AND GOLDS: This one is a Julie Hart combination that I love.
Butterscotch (MC); Buttermilk (CC1); Saffron (CC2); Slag (CC3); Ore (CC4).

Pinecones by Julia Trice Shalimar Colors


AUTUMN LEAVES: Wellies (MC); Cayenne (CC1); Limerick (CC2); Land Katie Scarlett (CC3); Butterscotch (CC4).
OR Butterscotch (MC); Wellies (CC1); Limerick (CC2); Cayenne (CC3); Land Katie Scarlett (CC4).

Autumn Leaves Shalimar Colors


HAPPY HOOLIA: Butterscotch (MC); Bark (CC1); Antique (CC2); Artful Dodger (CC3); Bing (CC4).
The photo for this one was an afterthought, so it doesn’t quite catch the colors.

design seeds Shalimar Colors