Forty-three by Forty-three

Forty-three by Forty-three

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1. Loden Pullover, 2. Cable Bunny, 3. Moonshiner, 4. Corazon, 5. Long Way Home, 6. Ayako’s Vest, 7. Adiri, 8. Yesternight, 9. Mexican Wedding, 10. Frambuesa, 11. Chalice Cowl, 12. Adiri Slouchy

I just released my 38th and 39th self-published patterns, the Loden Slouchy and Missowski Cowl, which made me realize that the 40th self-published pattern, is, well, the next one. Which feels like an accomplishment. And, as is the case with us folks over 30, accomplishments always make me think about my age – when I started, what I’ve done, etc. I am especially proud because it took me from December 2010 through June 2013 to self-publish my first 20 designs – two and a half years – but only from then until now – a little over a year – to publish the next 19. That is progress!

Loden Slouchy Missowski Cowl

Anyway, with progress should come new challenges, right? I am turning 43 in early January, so I thought, hey, why not make it a goal to self-publish 43 designs by then? This will mot exactly be a huge challenge. I have one design finished and ready to go, a sample half-knit for another, and the pattern written for a third. That really only leaves one design out there completely unknown, and for that one I have ideas, it is just a matter of choosing. But it is a goal, and this will be the only year I can do this. After this point, the designs will easily out-number the years. Nice, no? It usually seems like the years out-number everything. As a nice bonus, I currently have 7 designs published with Twist Collective, so when I hit 43 patterns, I will have a total of 50 currently income-producing designs, and that is a lovely number indeed.

Most importantly, I am very happy with the designs I have produced so far. It is wonderful to be productive, but even more wonderful to be in love with the things you produce. I feel really fortunate to do something I love and be able to earn a supplemental income from it, and I feel even more lucky to have such a wonderful group of knitters to share it with. It’s been a good 39, and I am sure it will be an equally good 43 – in both senses.