Mind of Winter patterns are designed to be both beautiful and functional. If you purchase a pdf and plan to print out the instructions but wish to economize the use of ink, please review the pattern to determine which pages should be printed. All Mind of Winter patterns begin with a full color cover page that showcases details of the design, followed by an introductory section, which contains information such as finished measurements, gauge, yarn requirements, and construction. Unless otherwise specified, the patterns include both written and charted instructions. For garments, a detailed schematic is also provided. Schematics and charts appear on separate pages from written instructions whenever possible, to allow you to print only what is necessary. Abbreviations are found at the end of each pattern, and sometimes appear on the schematic or chart pages. Within the written instructions, color photographs are generally limited and small in size. The back cover is often a full photograph showing further pattern details.

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The individual pattern links include detailed information to allow you to fully assess a pattern before purchasing it. If you have any questions about a pattern; however, please feel free to contact me.