Adiri Pullover

I have been knitting since my grandmother put pink acrylic and straight needles in my hands at the age of six.  I have always designed patterns for myself, but I began writing patterns to share with other knitters in 2004, when I published my first design, the Honeymoon Cami, with, and started my knitting blog, Mind of Winter.  Between 2004 and 2008, I contributed to several knitting books written by friends, including Susan Mischer’s Greetings from Knit Cafe, Kat Coyle’s Boho Baby Knits, and Kristi Porter’s Knitting in the Sun.  In 2008, I began publishing more actively, and created several pieces for Classic Elite Yarns, which were featured in the pamphlets Farmer’s Market, Sanctuary, and Bistro.  In 2010, I shifted my focus to publishing with Twist Collective, a then new, fashion-forward on-line magazine.  I have continued to publish with Twist Collective ever since, but I have also been inspired to start an independent line of patterns with its own home.  This is it.  Welcome to Mind of Winter.

I love organic designs with clean lines and interesting texture, which I try to convey through my patterns.  Yarn is very important to me, and my process begins with the yarn and its unique qualities.  Every pattern in my line was designed for a specific yarn with the object of taking advantage of that particular yarn’s best characteristics.  With few exceptions, my samples are knit with yarn generously supplied by five very special independent yarn manufacturers:  Quince and Co., Shalimar Yarns, Sunday Knits, Sweet Georgia Yarns, and The Plucky Knitter.  The women who run these companies are truly exceptional, and I could not design in the way that I do without their support.  Please consider using the recommended yarns, and support the people who support me.  You can learn more about them here.

I value being part of a supportive, diverse knitting community.   I strive to honor that community by making Mind of Winter patterns inclusive and accessible.  Knitters come in all shapes and sizes, so I offer the majority of my patterns in a wide range of sizes, usually from XS to 4X.  I also offer both written and charted instructions, except where it is impractical to do so.  The pattern pages for my designs contain information on the specific sizing ranges, instruction format, necessary skills, and other pattern features.  All of my patterns have been professionally tech edited to ensure greater accuracy, however, if you find an instruction unclear or believe that you have discovered a mistake in a pattern, please contact me.

Although the pattern line is now past its second anniversary, this site is brand new, and still in progress. Please check back as I add lookbooks, yarn company profiles, and other exciting tidbits.

Happy Knitting!